Support Your Child Through All The Key Stages of Their Educational Journey

Ensure your child gets the best out of education and prepare them for a successful life beyond school

Better Grades

As you use Parent Box you will see you children's grades and overall school performance improve radically

Greater Confidence

You will groom highly confident and self-assured children who stand out from the crowd and aren't afraid to put themselves forward for opportunities

Best Opportunities

Help your children get access to top selective secondary schools and universities thereby increasing their chances of success beyond school

Why Do You Need Parent Box?

  • The one thing that distinguishes those who stand out in their professional careers from others isn't usually how smart or intelligent they are.


    It's usually because they were privileged to have informed parents who understood the school system, made right choices for the children and ensured they took advantage of the available opportunities along the way.


    That's why you'll love Parent Box

.Parent Box has been really helpful for me in supporting my children.I know exactly how to help them and what they need to do, instead of using guess work as before.​ 

Lysette Ngoma, Barking

Mother of three - ages 3, 11 and 13 yrs

Parent Box provides a wealth of information, guidance and support so that I know what expectations I can reasonably have for each child, which in turn helps me work better with each of my children

Tonye, Benfleet

Mother of four- ages 6, 10, 14 & 16 yrs 

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"I created PARENT BOX to equip parents with the skills and insights they need to successfully guide their children through the UK educational system and help their children make the most of their time in school

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